Service Provider: Junction Networks
Software Revision: Asterisk 1.6.2
Micro PBX Hardware: Shuttle K4500-RS
VoIP phones: Grandstream GXP-2000 ver

  • 1.0 Call Flow Testing is 100% complete.
  • 2.0 Interoperability is 84% complete.
  • 3.0 Functional Testing is 70% complete.
  • 4.0 Security Testing is 100% complete.
  • 5.0 Voice Quality Testing is 100% complete.
  • 6.0 uPBX Features Testing is 14% complete.

Executive Summary

AsteriskNow is an Open Source, distributed development, software package that contains the GUI version and uses the Asterisk build as the PBX engine. AsteriskNow runs on Linux version

The Call Flow testing went well. Conference calling, call hold and call transfers to PSTN phones and SIP phones are 100% passed.

Interoperability testing had a couple of failures. One failure was due to Junction Network’s lack of E911 support. The other two failures, caller-id and variable length rfc2833, need further investigation.

The Functional Testing also had a couple of failures. One of the failures was faxing on the FXS port. It is probably a configuration issue but after several hours of investigation, the best fax rate possible on the FXS port was only 50%. However, faxing with the ATA was above the 95% minimum fax success rate and, in fact, is a less expensive option. One item to note is call forwarding was not successful. The SIP signaling was successful with call forwarding but there was no voice path. This is might be a router configuration or it may be a SBC issue but, further investigation is needed.

The Security and Voice Quality testing both passed with a 100% success rate. Testing is 100% complete

Further testing on this load will continue to support existing users. Many of the features may not be tested so more focus can be put on the 1.5.0 load. New users will be encouraged to use AsteriskNow 1.5.0 since AsteriskNow will no longer be developed by the Open Source Developers.

ContactUs if you have any questions.

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