2.3 Setup PC

BIOS Setup

The Micro PBX PC needs to be set up with a keyboard, mouse and monitor.
  • Find the key sequence to get into the BIOS of the PC from the documentation (if any).
    • Or,reboot the PC to see if there is a boot messages to show you how to access the BIOS.
    • Or, try hitting DEL, F1, F8, F10, or F12 while the PC is booting.
    • If all else fails, do an Internet search for the procedure on your particular machine.
  • BIOS Settings
    • Set to boot from DVD: Boot Device = DVD.
    • Some PC require you to set the BIOS to ignore the keyboard test or it will hang when rebooted without a keyboard.
    • Set to boot without keyboard, video, or mouse.
    • Set to boot after power outage if using a UPS.
    • Select Save Settings (F10) and reboot.

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