2.4.2 Install 1.5.0

Installing the PBX Software.

1.5.0 has not been tested and is not recommended at this time. Please use the 1.6.x Install

Download the AsteriskNow 1.5.0 ISO image and burn to CD.

  • To download from AsteriskNow.
    • Go to www.asterisknow.org (external link)
    • Click on "Download Asterisk 1.5.0"
    • Click on "AsteriskNow 32 bit version.
    • Click on "Save"
    • Make sure you burn the ISO image and not just copy the image. There are too many burning software programs for me to add steps. Do an Internet search on how to burn an ISO image with your software program. Or, contact Micro PBX Solutions and we will burn a CD for you and drop it in the mail for a nominal charge.

  • Install in graphical mode (default). Hit Enter.
    • Select "Remove all partitions on selected drives and create default layout."
    • Leave everything else defaulted. Click on Next.
    • Select "Yes" when asked "If you really want to do this?".
    • Select your time zone. Example: America/Chicago for Central Time.
    • Leave everything else defaulted.
    • Enter root password and Confirm password (six characters). Example upbx123. Click Next.
    • Now the installation will format the file system and install the PBX software.
    • Remove the DVD drive and reboot the PC.

  • PBX Setup Agent
    • Select Network Configuration then tab to select Run Tool.
      • Edit a device params; Hit Enter.
        • Select eth0; hit enter.
        • Select Use DHCP; hit space to enable Static IP configuration.
        • Set Static IP address. Example:
        • Set Netmask. Example
        • Set Default Gateway. Example:
        • Tab to select OK; hit enter.
      • Tab to select Save; hit enter.
    • Tab to select Save&Quit; hit enter.
    • Tab to select Select System Services; hit enter.
      • Select tftp; hit space to add asterisk "*" to enable this service.
      • Tab to select OK; hit enter.
    • Tab to select Exit; hit enter.
    • We had to reboot twice to get the PBX to respond to a ping.

uPBX Server Verification.

  • The rest of the configuration can be done remotely but, before disconnecting the monitor and keyboard we need to run a couple of tests.
  • From another windows PC, verify the abiltiy to get to the PBX http server by entering it IP address in ( in a browser address bar.
    • Default username: admin. Default password: admin.
  • Unplug the keyboard and mouse from the PC then unplug the PC and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Plug the PC in without and user interaction, verify the PC boots up, loads the PBX software and gets to the "login:" prompt. If any interaction is need, verify the BIOS settings were set correctly from the preceding steps.
  • Again, verify the ability to access the uPBX from the web browser. Default username: admin; default password: admin.
  • Shut the PC down nicely and move the uPBX PC the equipment closet.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable and power it back up.

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