2.5.2 Provision 1.5.0

1.5.0 has not been tested and is not recommended at this time. Use


  • Go to the uPBX GUI. Example (external link)
  • Click on FreePBX Administration and login using the default username (admin) and password (admin).
  • Click on the Setup tab, then on the Administrators menu item.
    • Click on admin on the right side of the page.
    • Change the default admin password. Example upbx2
    • Click on Submit Changes, Apply Configuration Changes and Relaod Asterisk.
    • Logout and login to verify the password.

  • Click on Setup->Extensions->Generic SIP Device->Submit
  • Enter Extensions. Add one extension for each line on the phone. See screen-shots for examples.
  • Login to each phone and provision the lines. One line for each extension provisioned. See sceen-shots for examples.

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