3.1 Phones

Log into the phones

The phones default using DHCP. Let them boot and get an IP address from the DHCP server. The IP address will display on the phone's screen. Use a web browser to HTTP to the phone, e.g., (external link) Default admin password is "admin".

Provision the phone(s).

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  • Basic Setting

  • Advanced Settings

  • Account 1 Settings

  • Account 2 Settings

  • Check status.

Upgrading the GXP-2000

See Micro PBX Testing under "Status" for the latest, MPS tested, version of GXP2000 code. For example:
To upgrade, go to the GXP-2000 "Advanced Settings" GUI screen.
Firmware Upgrade Via: HTTP
Firmware Server Path: www.micropbxsolutions.com/bootp/gxp2000/

# Then select "Always Check for New Firmware" radio button.
# Unselect the "Always Check for New Firmware" radio button after the upgrade.

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