Our professional Telecom Engineers have worked on Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco and Nortel IP PBX systems. Our main focus is on our Micro PBX products but, if you are having problems getting answers from these companies, feel free to shoot us an email and we will try to answer it for you. OUR email support is FREE! ContactUs

Support Services
E-mail Support
Usually Free - 24hr turn-around time.
Phone Support
Call for Quote
Sometimes free for quick questions. We NEVER ask for a credit card first.
Remote Access Support
Call for Quote
Usually not free at this point. Requires Webex.
On-Site Support
Call for Quote
Never free.
Site Survey
Call for Quote
May be done via e-mail at a reduced price.

  • Travel Expenses are for customers outside the DFW area and are quoted upfront.
  • 15 minute minimum charge for phone and remote access support.
  • 1 hour minimum charge for on-site support services.
  • 15 minute charge intervals for all support services.
Phone, Remote Access and On-Site Support require appointments. MPS does its best to return all calls and emails within 24 hours.
See ContactUs for Support email and phone numbers.

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