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Build, Buy or Lease?

Building Success - Do It Yourself (DIY)

These are the keys to success if you are planning on building any Micro PBX.
  • Comfortable with web browsers, SSH/Telnet, Internet searching and FTP/SFTP.
  • Familiar with Linux and know how to edit text files in Linux.
  • Know how to login to and configure your router, Ethernet switch (if any), and modem.
  • Somewhat familiar with networking and networking concepts.
  • Somewhat familiar with SIP and VoIP.
  • Have time to build a Micro PBX. About 30 hours (the first time) to build and turn-up a 4 line Micro PBX.
If you use the exact same equipment and follow the steps exactly as written on the MPS website, you should not have any problems getting your muPBX up and running. Plus, it makes it MUCH easier to debug if you need help.

Buying Success

  • Comfortable with web browsers.
  • Know how to login to your router, Ethernet switch (if any), and modem.
MPS supplies 1 hour of phone support or remote access support FREE with each new system. This help you with turn-up to the VoIP Service Provider, router config, and provides some training.

Micro PBX Solutions example quote that included cable runs in a high-rise building crawlspace: muPBX_EnterpriseOptionQuote.pdf

Leasing Success

Leasing is currently not available.
  • Comfortable with web browsers.
MPS supplies 5 hours of onsite support per calendar year. This covers installation of the system, turn-up, training, and some custom feature programming.

Items To Consider

These are items to consider before building, buying or leasing a Micro PBX or ANY IP PBX.
  • Is Ethernet cabling needed for the phones?
  • Micro PBX equipment location: Ease of access, available power, adequate ventilation?
  • Will your current network equipment support VoIP?
  • Existing phone number portability. Can it be ported to a VoIP Service Provider?

See ContactUs if you have any questions.

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