Status ver 1.6.2

Service Provider: Junction Networks
Software Revision: Asterisk 1.6.2
Micro PBX Hardware: Shuttle K4500-RS
VoIP phones: Grandstream GXP-2000 ver
Media Gateway: GrandStream HT-503 ver

  • 1.0 Call Flow Testing is 100% complete.
  • 2.0 Interoperability is 100% complete.
  • 3.0 Functional Testing is 100% complete.
  • 4.0 Security Testing is 100% complete.
  • 5.0 Voice Quality Testing is 100% complete.
  • 6.0 muPBX Features Testing is 51% complete.

Executive Summary

No critical issues found.

Asterisk 1.6.2 is an Open Source, distributed development, software package that contains the Asterisk GUI version 2.0 and IP PBX engine 1.6.2. This testing was performed with CentOS 5.4.

Call Flow - Is good. An issue with moving the signaling and media to the phones (sip.conf: canreinvite=yes) because of a call hold issue raises concerns about overloading the muPBX. Capacity testing determined this was not an issue with the muPBX hardware.

Interop Testing - Is good. Issues with Junction Networks not supporting E911 service and variable length DTMF were noted. However, registration, call processing and path were good and calls were stable.

Functional Testing - Is okay. Issues with the Asterisk not sending a 503 or 604 to the Service Provider will cause issues for redundant systems. Also, issues with blocking calling numbers and Privacy header support were discovered. DNS testing was not performed because it is not supported with Asterisk 1.6.2. Asterisk responds with multiple codecs in the SDP answer. This could allow a mid-call codec change without a re-INVITE which is undesirable.

The NAT functionality, DTMF using RFC2833 and call Forwarding using Diversion headers are good which are critical to the muPBX functionality.

Security Testing - Is excellent. The CentOS operating system provides excellent security measures for protecting the muPBX from outside threats. Only SSH was tested in this test cycle.

Voice Quality Testing - Is good. The results in the 1.6.2 VQ testing page were from but were verified by spot checking within 1.6.2.

Feature Testing - Is fair and incomplete. Digium, the creators of the Asterisk 2.0 GUI, is discontinuing support for the Asterisk 2.0 GUI and driving people to the FreePBX GUI. However, initial testing of the FreePBX GUI was disastrous. Therefore, I recommend using the Asterisk 2.0 GUI with all of its bugs. When the FreePBX GUI has stabilized, MPS will retest it.

The Asterisk 1.6.2 software has many features. Only the main features needed for small businesses were tested. Testing will progress as users require new features. Results and user guides for tested features will be posted on the MPS website.

Estimates and Time Schedule

Call Flow Testing - 50 test cases - Estimated completion 8 hrs.
Interop Testing - 19 test cases - Est. completion 6 hrs.
Functional Testing - 70 test cases - Est. completion 24 hours.
Security and Voice Quality Testing - 2 test cases - Est completion 2 hr.
Feature Testing - 20 Test Cases - 24 hours.

Estimated total test time for 1.6 = 64 hours

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